About me (Derek)

Life rarely unfolds the way we plan.  My philosophy – rather than fight against the current, I might as well sit back and snap some pictures along the way.

DerekI started my photographic journey nearly a decade ago when I found myself raising a toddler all on my own.   I recall my reasoning that although expensive, a good camera would be the perfect way to not only document my son’s development but (hopefully) make some sense of my being thrust quite abruptly into single-parenthood.

The next several years represented a transformation to say the least!   My simple camera turned into a better camera and faster lenses, which turned into studio lights to capture special moments like Christmas morning, which evolved into doing the school portraits for the preschool.    I studied photography and developed a desire to document the experiences of life, understanding the importance of moments, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

Fast forward to today – I do what I love.   I capture life and all its moments and experiences.   I get excited to create images for people and exceed their expectations and that excitement (I’m told) is what makes me successful and fun to work with.

From potty training a little boy all on my own to now having the most amazing and supportive partner and a dedicated photo studio in our North Burnaby home, I am graced with a career that offers both challenges and the most amazing opportunities to capture incredible athletes and performers, beautiful weddings, incredible personalities….  each and every opportunity developing my understanding as a creative and a person.

I honestly have no idea “what’s next”, but if life has taught me anything it is to enjoy the moment – which, when you think about it, is a rather interesting perspective for a photographer.


About AmandaAmanda Max

Amazing assistant in studio, second shooter on weddings, coordinator, motivator, patient and understanding partner– Amanda makes it all possible.  A guru with the smoke machine and the finger behind the remote camera during live performances, she seems to have a knack at capturing the best wedding moments – Derek maintains she gets lucky – in reality, she is a pretty good photographer herself.

About Max

Resident Minecrafter, stand-in test model (although not always willing), and nine year-old comedian/entertainer when clients visit the studio.


CatsAbout Cusco & Maya

The last of our crew – these two furry, friendly felines will undoubtedly photobomb at least one image per studio session.   Should you have any allergies, please let us know and they will be sequestered to a different area of the house.